Monday, July 1, 2013

July Hiatus & a Move

Hello Creatives! I have decided to take a break for the month of July, I have been working on a huge move for Creative Workshops and for my personal Shabby Cottage Studio blog, trying to get everything under one big umbrella. So I plan to move this blog  over to Typepad with everything else. Then I only have one place I have to sign in and it would be so much easier on me.

I will be back in August and give you a link to our new home. I'm thinking of changing up the challenge and doing it differently, but we'll see how that goes, it may have to come later after the move. I am determined to not put myself under stress this summer and so far I've done pretty good. :)

So I'll see you in August with a new address.
xxoo ~ Gail


Mary Lindsay said...

I wish you well in the move and also in keeping as calm as you can. I will look forward to your August return and all the news & stories the move will bring. Good luck. Mary

SueAnn Lommler said...

Works for me hun...enjoy your July and don't work too hard

Linda M. said...

Good Luck Gail, Happy July! I look forward to hearing from you in August. Hugs, Linda

Electra said...

Good decision, Gail, make sure you don't take too much on. We'll be here when you return!