Saturday, June 22, 2013

We Have Our WInner

I always wonder if others have the same issues with Google and Blogger as I do. Everything goes along fine and then out of the blue I can't get to Blogger, Google or anything Google related, like You Tube or Google search. I can go anywhere I want except for anything controlled by Google. So I'm late posting June's winner because I simply couldn't get here. I'm toying with the idea of moving this blog to my typpad account because they are not controlled by big brother Google. :)

Anyway, enough of me! Our winner this month is Loretta Grace and her lovely doorknob hanger. 
Loretta, I will be sending you an email. 

Thanks ladies for joining us in June and I'll be back in July with another image!



Linda M. said...

Congratulations Loretta Grace!

Electra said...

Congratulations Loretta, you deserve it!!

Loretta O'Neill said...

Many thanks for a delightful challenge! So excited to see that I had won!

Mary said...

Congrats Loretta ~ beautiful artwork.

Thanks Gail for all the beautiful images you give us. In answer google and/or blogger have added some nice things (auto spell check for one) but if you are have problems with Google and have Google chrome ~ delete it ~ I was having problems getting to stuff I never had problems with and realized that it didn't start until AFTER I LOADED GOOGLE CHROME so I deleted it (and if you do be prepared for a HUGE questionnaire; I finally got tired of answering questions and hopped out without finishing it) Google chrome is gone and so are 99% of my problems ~ the biggest and most frustrating one was my computer just freezing up for as long as 3-5 minutes and not able to do ANYTHING. And then it would start going like nothing had happened. Considering the things we know are being done to our devices (and no telling what we don't know) I'm surprised anything works like it use to.
Keep the Faith~

Loretta O. said...

A huge thank you to all who voted for me. And to Gail for setting-up a fun contest each month. I'm goin' shopping!!! :)