Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mind Wide Open June Challenge

I know, I know. The first of June already! Our weather seems to have finally settled down to it's fairly regular pattern. So we'll see what the summer holds. Right now we have roses, peonies, lilacs and Queen Anne Lace blooming all over the place.The colors and the smells are intoxicating and I love it. Something else I love? Bunnies. I never was the teddy bear type but show me a bunny and I can melt all over the place. So when I perused my images I knew this would be the one I used this month.

Our rules to play the game are very very simple and reside at the top of this blog page. Kindly take a moment to read them if you are new to our site, they are few and as I said, very simple.

The image is approx. 4 x 4" at 300dpi, and should print very well for you. To grab the image right click on it, then click Save Picture As and save to your computer. You are welcome to re-size it to fit your needs, or alter it in any manner as long as it is some way recognizable as the image I provided.

Your jpeg image is due to me shabby{at} by days end of  June 9. I will then get all images and links listed and announce when voting is open.
And here is your image.

Have fun, don't be hard on yourself, and let it be what it will.


Electra said...

What a lovely image, Gail, thank you!

Tracie Dean said...

Love this image...not sure what I am going to do with it...but it is so pretty!!!

studiorose said...

Gorgeous and so inspiring! I hope I get something done this month; lots going on but I'm going to do my level best. Hooray for MWO! :)

Bevie said...

Love this image, and hope to get my entry finished in's been way to long since I last entered!!!