Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mind Wide Open May Voting is Open

Happy Mothers Day weekend everyone! I hope your Mother's Day is a special and loving day for you, whether you are a mother being honored, or a mother's child honoring your mother. Tomorrow we honor my mother who will be eighty-one in a few months. We cherish every moment we have with her.
So we are ready to vote on this mont's challenge entries and I hope you will cast a vote for your favorite. In order that I don't have to post the voting rules each month I have put them at the top of our sidebar on the right.
Please kindly read our voting rules.
If an entry has a link their name is bolded beneath their photo. Please vist our entrants blogs and find out more about them and their creations. If you have sent me an entry make sure you post it on your blog so you can talk about your entry! Be proud, it's allowed.:) If you have a link and forgot to send it to me, don't panic, just go ahead and send it on, and I'll get you linked.
If I have made any mistakes... forgotten a link, mispelled a name... please shoot me an email. I move a lot of files around during the challenge to get the voting ready so it is very easy for me to make an error.
Voting closes at the end of the day (whatever time zone you are in) May 18 and the winners announced May 19!
Good luck to all the entrants!

If you click on any photo at any time it will switch images to a slideshow mode.
 Carol Berger

Loretta O'Neill



Nita Jo said...

They are all wonderful, but my vote today goes to Carol Berger! I love it!

Margie said...

These are all beautiful makes but the one that gets my vote is Loretta's fabulous door hanging. Margie x

SueAnn Lommler said...

All of the pieces are fab ....Electra is the one that gets my vote...gorgeous!!
Happy Mothers' Day to all

pink*cherub*moon said...

I was torn between two entries and have decided to vote for Carol Berger's. Good luck!
Hugs, Leena

Tarnished Rose said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

I vote for Electra.


Debbi said...

All so amazing in composition!! My vote this month goes to Loretta:)

Electra said...

What beautiful art there is here. I love Loretta's, she gets my vote. and Happy Mother's Day!!

Becs said...

These are all so lovely but the standout for me is Carol Berger!!! Becs

Lizbethem said...

Excellent job, Electra!

Muriel said...

All of the art is lovely; my vote goes to Lisa Tobin.

One Vintage Lane said...

Very nice. ALL are so creative. I vote for Electra :) Good luck all

Linda M. said...

There are so many beautiful pieces to pick. I thought the children seemed a bit un-happy with those somber faces. But now I'm certain they would find joy in Electa's (my vote) detailed and colorful playground.

Lori said...

All are gorgeous, but I vote for Electra!

artsychick said...

A tough decision but I vote for Lisa this month. Nice job all!

kaitlin said...

Voting for Electra!

Looks awesome!