Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Mind Wide Open Challenge Image

In looking for an image to present for the May challenge I found some scans of old cabinet cards I own. As usual I have questions. I could be wrong but I am assuming the children in this picture are brother and sister although to my eye I don't think they look a lot alike. And I find myself  wondering why these two children look so solemn? What can I read in their expressions? Maybe it is nothing more than back in that day and age it took so long for a picture to be taken that it was hard to hold a smile that long. And I also wonder why is the little boy sitting and the gfirl standing? Why not the other way around? And why does it look like he is wearing a collar of the priesthood? Is he really or is it just a fluke of the way the clothing is arranged? I wonder what happened to these two children and why this photo ended up in a flea market. I find this is the way of old photos I come upon. I can sit and stare at them and have questions, but usually no answers. People photos have always intrigued me as I try to divine their story from a short moment stolen in time.

Our rules to play the game are at the top of the blog, kindly take a moment to read them if you are new to our site, they are few and simple.
The image is approx. 4 x 6" at 300dpi, and should print very well for you. To grab the image right click on it, then click Save Picture As and save to your computer. You are welcome to re-size it to fit your needs, or alter it in any manner as long as it is some way recognizeable as the image I provided.

Your jpeg image is due to me shabby{at} by days end of   May 9. I will then get all images and links listed and announce when voting is open.
And here is your image.

I'll look forward to your creations!


Linda M. said...

Gail, That photo was taken right here in my home town. The only name I recognize at the bottom of the cover is Pomeroy. Years ago we had a Pomeroy's Department Store in downtown Reading. I'm sorry to say I do not know the children or the faces or how they ended up in your Tennessee home. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Linda

Gail Schmidt said...

Oh my gosh what a coincidence Linda! And I actually found the cabinet card at a NC flea market so it has certainly travelled around. Thanks for sharing.

Donna said...

Thanks for posting the challenge...I'm a newbie here so if I get it wrong or misunderstand the rules, feel free to scold me!Hahaa