Thursday, April 11, 2013

We're ready to vote on the April MWO Challenge!

Hello my fellow creatives. I am finally coming down off my high from having spent time at Art Is You in Nashville. It was a real artistic blast and kind of surreal to finally meet some online friends I've talked to for years but never met in person. To reach out and hug those women topped off the whole fabulousness of the trip. But now it is back to business as usual and we're ready to unveil our entries for this month's challenge.

So that I don't have to post the voting rules each month I have put them at the top of our sidebar on
the right.
Please kindly read our voting rules.
If an entry has a link their name is bolded beneath their photo. Please vist our entrants blogs and find out more about them and their creations. If you have sent me an entry make sure you post it on your blog so you can talk about your entry! Be proud, it's allowed.:) If you have a link and forgot to send it to me, don't panic, just go ahead and send it on, and I'll get you linked.

If I have made any mistakes... forgotten a link, mispelled a name... please shoot me an email. I move a lot of files around during the challenge to get the voting ready so it is very easy for me to make an error.
Voting closes at the end of the day (whatever time zone you are in) April 18 and the winners announced April 19!
Good luck to all the entrants!

If you click on any photo at any time it will switch images to a slideshow mode.





Tabitha said...

Linda Adams gets my vote

thecreativesoulsara said...

I always seem to be caught between two artists...Lisa and Linda this month. Both lovely in their own styles. I'll go with....Lisa! Nice job to all the artists and peace to your hearts

Lizbethem said...

I vote for the fresh, modern look of Periwinkle's art.

Debbi said...

Love all of them, but the prayer flag Linda created captured my heart:)

Tracie Dean said...

Everyone has done such beautiful work!! I am voting for myself of, though you guys make it difficult....Love your work Linda Adams and Lisa Tobin!!!

Happy Crafting

Marcia Pilar said...

I have received Linda's prayer flags before and they are gorgeous. All the entries are beautiful, but I give Linda my vote.

pink*cherub*moon said...

I would like to cast my vote for Linda Adams! Her piece is stunning and she has used so many different mediums! Love it! Hugs, Leena

Unknown said...

All the entries are so creative and interesting, kudos to all who entered! I am going to vote for myself, Lisa Tobin. What can I say, I like my work!!

Periwinkle said...

I'd like to vote for myself.
Loved what Lisa Malette has created though!